A look ahead at upcoming elections

Today, September 15, is the International Day of Democracy according to the United Nations. 

“Now more than ever Democracy is backsliding, civic space is shrinking, distrust, mis- and disinformation are growing while threats to the freedom of journalists and media workers are expanding by the day,” reads the website for the day. 

Here in the United States, there are 54 days until the next federal elections. In Virginia, most local and state elections won’t be held until next year. Earlier this month, elected officials in Albemarle and Charlottesville both marked the occasion with resolutions that state the day is intended to raise public awareness of human rights. 

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights emphasizes that the will of the people is the basis for the authority of government,” said Donna Price, Chair of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors. (Albemarle resolution)

“And whereas on the International Day of Democracy we are called to review the state of our democracy, promote its principles for the protection and effective realization of human rights, and create an environment for greater citizen participation, equality, security, and development,” said Charlottesville Mayor Lloyd Snook. (Charlottesville resolution)

Let’s check in at the local level and see when the next elections are. There are three seats up on the Charlottesville City Council in November 2023,  as the terms of Snook, Councilor Sena Magill, and Councilor Michael Payne expire. All Councilors are elected at large with no specific geographic representation. 

There are also three seats up on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, where all six elected officials represent a specific district. Up for election again are Rivanna District Supervisors Bea Lapisto-Kirtley, White Hall Supervisor Ann Mallek and Scottsville District Supervisor Donna Price. 

Price has announced she will not seek a second term, nor will she run for the General Assembly. Price had originally declared candidacy for the redrawn 55th House District, which now includes most of Albemarle County as well as northeast Greene and western Louisa. She announced recently she will retire from elected office at the end of the next year rather than pursue the seat. 

The incumbent in the former 58th District, Republican Rob Bell, is a candidate in the new 55th according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Two Democrats are currently in the race to challenge Bell. They are:

  • Amy Laufer, a former member of the Charlottesville School Board and the Democrat in the 2019 Senate race in the former District 17 
  • Kellen Squire, an emergency room nurse and the Democrat the 2017 58th District Race

The 54th District contains the city of Charlottesville and parts of Albemarle County’s urban ring. Delegate Sally Hudson is the incumbent and currently faces no opposition from within her own Democratic Party or the Republican Party. 

There’s an open seat in the 56th District that covers part of Fluvanna County and many other localities within Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. There’s also an open seat in the 53rd District, which covers part of Nelson County as well as Amherst and Bedford counties. 

Here’s the new Fifth Congressional District. Want to learn more? Subscribe to my Fifth District Community Engagement to learn more about what’s happening as local government meetings.

As for the Fifth Congressional District, Republican Incumbent Bob Good faces Democratic challenger Joshua Throneburg.  As of June 30, Good had raised $848,271 to Throneburg’s $446,579. The next deadline to file reports is October 15 for activity through September 30. So far there is no debate or candidate forum scheduled between the two candidates. 

There’s also the Virginia Senate, in which all 40 seats will be up in the next election in redrawn districts. Incumbent Senator Creigh Deeds has represented the 25th District which spans from Bath County to Charlottesville, but he plans to run again in the new 11th District which covers all of Albemarle and Charlottesville as well as all of Amherst and Nelson counties. A portion of western Louisa is in the the new 11th.

There’s also an open seat in the new 10th District, which covers the rest of Louisa County as well as Fluvanna County and many other localities in the 5th Congressional District. Four Republican candidates are currently in that race, including Louisa County Supervisor Duane Adams. Check out the Virginia Public Access Project for more on those four choices

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