Charlottesville Fire Department to deploy more devices on medical calls

Some vehicles used by the Charlottesville Fire Department on medical calls will soon carry additional devices intended to increase the chances of a patient surviving a cardiac arrest. 

The Department secured $64,000 from a Community Development Block Grant in the last fiscal year to purchase four chest compression devices to assist in the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). They’ll be placed on two fire engines and two ambulances.

“Based on Neighborhood Risk Assessment data, residents in all nineteen (19) neighborhoods are expected to benefit from deploying these devices, most notably Tenth and Page, where the data highlights the significant importance of timely interventions,” reads a press release sent out on Friday. 

The department will also begin to implement video laryngoscopes, which are devices that assist with the intubation of patients. 

“The [Airtraq] devices have been used in pre-hospital systems and in emergency departments to improve success in airway management,” the release continues. 

Yesterday was the first day that Scott Carpenter will serve as the Deputy Chief of Operations. According to a July 15 press release, Carpenter has been with the Charlottesville Fire Department for 22 years. 

Neighborhood risk assessment for the 10th and Page neighborhood (view all of the data) (Credit: Charlottesville Fire Department)

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