NDS Director gives an update on Charlottesville’s Comprehensive Plan

It’s a hot summer for big land use plans. Charlottesville is in the third phase of its Cville Plans Together initiative which has already seen adoption of an Affordable Housing Plan as well as an updated Comprehensive Plan that gives more development rights to mostly every residential lot in the City.

How those development rights will turn into future buildings will depend on the update of the city’s zoning code that is now underway. In June, the city released a Zoning Diagnostics and Approach report.

“Basically, a slate of ideas for how we can modify our zoning to implement the Comprehensive Plan that you all and Council adopted last November,” said Neighborhood Development Services Director James Freas to the Charlottesville Planning Commission last night. 

The next step will be the development of a new Frequently Asked Questions list based on input taken at a public forum in June

“Our public feedback period lasts until all the way through until the end of August,” Freas said.

Ideas included in the report are to write zoning rules that will increase by-right development, meaning an applicant would not need to go before the Planning Commission or the City Council. (view the report)

In early August, Freas said the city will release the inclusionary zoning and market analysis report.

“The market analysis piece of that is the piece looking at how might our real estate development marketplace here in Charlottesville react to this new zoning?” Freas said. “What we can expect in terms of the timing for new development, the types of new development that might happen, and where it might happen based on our existing market conditions and what we can not to that.” 

If you’re interested in what’s happening with the property market in Charlottesville, I track that and will have a piece that paid Substack subscribers will get a first look at tomorrow. In the meantime, visit Information Charlottesville to catch up on monthly anecdotal reviews

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