Opening of new convenience center in southern Albemarle will be delayed

Work continues to design a new place for people in southern Albemarle to drop off household waste and recycling. Albemarle’s current budget included $1.1 million for a “convenience center” to be built in Keene. The idea had been to open the center this fall, but the county’s director of Facilities and Environmental Services told the Albemarle Board of Supervisors on March 9 that there will be a delay. 

“We are anticipating supply chain issues with some key elements including the trash compactors that will collect the tag-a-bag program as well as the containers themselves that collect the recyclables,” said Lance Stewart. “Everything’s made from steel.” 

The proposed FY23 budget proposed spending $180,500 for the first six months of operating at the Southern Convenience Center. The proposed capital improvement budget anticipates $1.62 million being spent in FY24 on a northern convenience center to serve U.S. 29 North. 

The project is being built in coordination with the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority. Albemarle County purchased the land for a trash transfer facility that was never built.

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2 thoughts on “Opening of new convenience center in southern Albemarle will be delayed

  1. What’s the timeline for the Keene recycling center. Is there any update on the progress and when it will become operational.

    1. This is from the February 2023 report of the Albemarle Facilities and Environmental Services department:

      “Contractor is pricing up a proposal for changes by Owner (Rivanna) to electrical design. The redesign and some weather constraints have resulted in the contractor temporarily pulling off the site. They will remobilize in late February and continue conduit and concrete installation. Project completion is currently anticipated to be in May of 2023.”

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