Council approves Belmont rezoning

Council took a final action on a rezoning and special use permit for an eight-unit apartment building at 1206 Carlton Avenue in Belmont. Here’s City Planner Matt Alfele.

“The applicant at 1206 Carlton Avenue is requesting a rezoning from R-2 multifamily residential to R-3 medium density residential with no proffers,” Alfele said. 

No changes had been made to the application since Council’s discussion on August 2. 

Nearby resident Charles Neer pleaded with Council to deny the special use permit for additional density because eight units is too dense and the eight parking spaces to be provided are not enough. 

“If people have one car, then that means that somebody is going to be driving around every night looking for a parking place,” Neer said. “And guess what? There’s going to be more than one car. There’s going to be a bunch of cars driving around.”

Neer suggested Council approve the rezoning which would have allowed five units. 

Council voted 4-1 for the rezoning and 3-2 on the special use permit with Mayor Nikuyah Walker voting against both and Councilor Heather Hill voting against the increased density. 

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