Monthly Archives: March 2021

Ground broken for CRHA’s first phase of South First Street redevelopment

Last Sunday on March 7, ground was broken on the first new public housing units in a generation. The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority is building 62 new units on an athletic field at South First Street as part of the first phase of that facilities’ redevelopment. Audrey Oliver is a former CRHA Commissioner and resident of South First Street.

“For more than 25 years, redevelopment of public housing in the city of Charlottesville has been in conversations and promises to residents for new housing,” Oliver said. “The promises became broken and residents became discouraged  because the promised were never delivered.”

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City parks panel briefed on reopening, new names for some facilities

The Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board met Thursday night, about ten weeks before outdoor pools would be scheduled to open. However, the continuing pandemic and state of emergency could mean delays for this year.  In February, the advisory board indicated support for planning for a normal opening. Ned Michie is the chair.

“Staff are in favor of opening those pools on time and safely and are working with City Council who is really going to be the deciding voice, the City Council working with the city manager,” Michie said.  

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Work continues on Crozet Master Plan update

A review of the Crozet Master Plan is slowly making its way through Albemarle County’s planning process and this is a good time to check in. Crozet is one of seven designated growth areas in Albemarle County, and the master plan has been in place since late 2004. 

On Wednesday, March 10, the Crozet Community Advisory Committee reviewed the draft land use chapter for the plan which sets the vision for the future of the unincorporated area.  Planning Manager Rachel Falkenstein said they are in the third phase of the community process, where the actual chapters are written based on broad recommendations that have been discussed with community members in previous phases.

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