Council begins review of FY22 Charlottesville budget

Charlottesville City Council began their review of City Manager Chip Boyles’ recommended fiscal budget for fiscal year 2022. (review the budget)

“We’ll provide a recommended balanced budget of $190,689,839,” Boyles said. “Included in this recommended budget are several identified Council priorities of affordable housing, racial equity, safety and security, workforce development, as well as investment in our employees.” 

The budget will be adopted in about five weeks after a series of work sessions, and after that, work will begin on updating the city’s strategic plan as a first concrete step towards creation of a budget for fiscal year 2023. Senior Budget Management Analyst Krisy Hammill detailed some of the Council priorities.

“For racial equity, we are fully funding the deputy city manager of race, equity, diversity, and inclusion, the Home to Hope program, the food equity initiative, the Office of Human Rights, in addition to the city’s minority business activities,” Hammill said. 

A request to fully fund the Police Civilian Review Board at $350,000 has been granted. Other requests, however, were not included in the budget. There is no pay raise for employees, for instance. An open issue is whether to fulfil the school system’s full budget request, which does include a pay raise. Hammill offered various scenarios. Watch the video to learn more.

Upcoming budget meetings!

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