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Scottsville Town Council discusses racist fliers

The Scottsville Town Council met last night for their first meeting of the year with a work session and the topic of public safety came up in a several ways. First, town Police Chief Jeff Vohlwinkel updated the Council on compliance with a presidential executive order issued last summer in the wake of the protests that rocked the nation after George Floyd was killed on May 25 after being held to the ground for nine and a half minutes by a police officer’s knee. 

“So it’s a presidential executive order related to community policing and safety that requires us to show that we have a use of force policy that complies with the federal and state laws as it relates to use of excessive force and that we have a duty to intervene within the policy as well as barring choke holds,” Vohlwinel said.  

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Albemarle housing coordinator briefs Village of Rivanna CAC on draft housing plan

On January 11, Albemarle Housing Coordinator Stacy Pethia briefed the Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Council on Housing Albemarle, a project to update the county’s affordable housing plan.

“The county has had an affordable housing policy that was adopted in 2004 and that’s what the county has been working on since then,” Pethia said. “It was readopted with some minor updates in 2015 with the Comprehensive Plan update. Then in April of 2019, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission released a regional housing assessment and that really highlighted what the affordable housing and market rate housing needs will be today. So where we have a gap in housing provision and it projected what that gap will be heading out until 2040.”

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Village of Rivanna group briefed on Rivanna Village development

The Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Committee also met last night for its first meeting of the year. They got an update from the Robertson Development Group on forthcoming construction at Rivanna Village, a mixed-use development that can have up to 400 residential units and 60,000 square feet of commercial space. Here is the firm’s Tim Culpeper. 

“We have been actively developing what we call Phase 2 of Rivanna Village for probably the last five or fix months,” said the firm’s Tim Culpeper. “You have probably noticed over the past 60 to 90 days our development activity has slowed down considerably. We have all of our various plans approved on the county level. We are waiting on one approval from [the Virginia Department of Transportation] for the approval of several spans across of streams in Phase 2.”

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