Council briefed on Albemarle microtransit program

Charlottesville Area Transit is continuing to plan for a one-year pilot to run microtransit operations in two sections of Albemarle County. 

Last August, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation awarded a $1.552 million grant to CAT to provide the service.  Firms had until April 26 to respond to a request for proposals to operate the service for CAT.  

“We’re fairly close I believe, within the next month or so, to being able to hopefully come back to Albemarle County with a recommendation from our group that’s been looking at this,” said CAT Manager Garland Williams at Council’s meeting on June 6.  

The service will be branded as CAT. 

“What you see on the street will look like CAT,” Sanders said.  

“It’s not going to be you’re calling up a third-party group and you’ll get a different name,” Williams said. “You’ll call CAT. It will look like CAT.” 

At least one member of the Board of Supervisors expressed concerns in February that CAT may not be up for the job. 

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